Minutes of the steering group meeting to update the constitution of Sport Richmond

York House 02.05.2018

Present: Andy Sutch, Ken Chivers, Kevin Rice, Frances Wetherall

Apologies: Chris Jones


Two responses to planning applications to be submitted by Andy this week

  1. Stag Brewery. Default objection to the loss of sporting facilities. Planning includes a sport hall, synthetic pitch (floodlit) and multi games area (linked to the school). Community use for all will be sought as the school will be an academy. The plans do not meet the needs of the football clubs, cricket has not used the site for at least 5 years.
  2. Tennis lighting in Twickenham. Main issue is that if there is no lighting there will be no adult use in the winter months in the evenings.

Andy reported on a recent meeting with David Allister where the £4,000 funding was confirmed. It was also noted that there will be changes next year but as a group Sport Richmond is delivering well. The Community Plan is due for renewal later this year and Sport Richmond will contribute to this and how we can support its aims. The next open meeting in June will be an opportunity to collect ideas from members to feed back.

There are around 180 sports clubs in the borough of which 56 engage actively with Sport Richmond. Many are operating successfully but some may not be. Kevin has undertaken to obtain an up to date club list from the borough and to assess which clubs might not be aware of Sport Richmond and how we can engage them.

The constitution was then discussed and an amended version (changes highlighted) attached for your comments the original can be found on the website.