Notes from open meeting 18.7.17

Minutes of the Sport Richmond Open Meeting held at York House on Tuesday 18th July 2017

Present: Andy Sutch, Chris Jones, Tom Browne, Ken Chivers, Kevin Rice, Jimmy Wallace, David Rijvers, Frances Wetherall, Trevor Wetherall, Chris Vinson, Salme Naylor, Gariesh Sharma, Alison Goodbrand, David Baker, James Marsh, Matt Rees, Geoff Adams, Thomas McCann, George Noble, Dave D’Urbano, Paul Wood-Robinson, Keith Nicholls, Mike Lightfoot, Paul Mallon, Frank Wuggering, Tony Nash, Graeme mulchany, Albert Donavan, David Cree, Tony Waszkiewicz, Owen Lewis, Ken Bailey, Charles Fox, Richard Roberts, Isabel Singh, Kate Maurici, Anna McNuff

Apologies: Colin Sinclair, Frank Perry, Diane Graham, David Fox, John Howard, Brendan Ryan, Tim Malthouse

Andy Sutch opened the meeting at 7pm with a welcome to all and thanks for attending. Particular thanks to all clubs who completed the survey (57 clubs) and a request for all others to do so as the information provided will help to provide specific courses and support

A short version was available for clubs to complete at the meeting. Andy introduced Chris Jones, Sports Development and Partnership Manager at LBR and congratulated him on the success of the borough team at the recent London Youth Games (LYG) where the team finished 3rd overall. This success is due in large part to the strong partnership between the borough and voluntary clubs. Andy then invited Tom Browne, Relationship officer with London Sport to the floor.

His presentation is attached as a separate document and contains the links referred to at the meeting. Below is a summary of the discussion which was generated

The good response to the survey has produced some interesting results and the lowest results may be worth targeting. EG attracting inactive people and ethnic minority groups. There is funding available for these areas and it is important not to underestimate the untapped market (3 out of 4 people in London are inactive)

Another low result was Clubmark accreditation. This may be because many clubs have already achieved this but could also be because several have found the process difficult. It was noted that the process of applying can often be as valuable as the actual award as it makes clubs evaluate where they are and where any weaknesses might be. Cricket clubs have to have this accreditation before they can compete in junior competition. A further comment was that renewal every 3 years can also be difficult as different criteria lay have to be met. The new code of sports governance may also add to this change.

It was noted that although encouraging women and girls into sport was a key target, in dance it was attracting and retaining boys that was the issue. Andy also expressed concern at the low result for introducing disabled participants to clubs. It was pointed out that 20% of the population have some form of disability. An area for future discussion.

High results for expansion and development highlighted issues with venues and facilities and personnel, especially coaches. For several sports, such as tennis, restricted or lack of floodlighting is a restricting issue in winter. A question was whether all the facilities with floodlights were being fully used and it may be that this could be because of strong planning constraints but also schools autonomy could also lead to the non-maximisation of the facilities.


Chris Jones explained how the shared staffing arrangement between Richmond and Wandsworth was impacting. Major impact has been the loss of the head of service with the accompanying loss of expertise and contacts. Currently sport facilities are operating in different ways in the 2 boroughs with contracts in place in Wandsworth until 2021 while facilities in Richmond are operated in house. It is anticipated that little will change until the contracts end. Similarly staff in Wandsworth are contracted until 2019 so that is when the major changes are anticipated.

LYG a great partnership success for all voluntary clubs and the borough. This is a major sporting event with around 100,000 participants over the many events. Chris showed the meeting the Regatta Trophy which the borough had won for many years in succession.

Richmond Inclusive Sport and Exercise (RISE) provides many opportunities for club and borough links. Lottery funding is in place and there is scope for a range of clubs to develop partnerships and sustainability in this area – dance, basketball already on board and any other clubs who are interested should contact Chris directly at

Local funding through the Community Infrastructure Levy. This is money paid by developers to be spent on key areas one of which is sport. This is a pilot scheme and currently the money is targeted to alleviate the problems caused by the development. It was noted that the application can be quite complex. Match funding is required but this can be partly in the form of volunteer hours. The attached pack has further details and links for interested clubs.

Andy reminded clubs that Sport Richmond offer small equipment loans (written off over 3 years) and athlete grants for young developing athletes with no national funding. Application forms are on our website

Tom proposed to circulate a list of possible courses to clubs and asked for responses to show interest to enable a more targeted approach. A request from the floor was for courses such as first aid which is a requirement of all governing bodies. Andy mentioned that his wife Hilary was able to deliver these.

Tom also introduced the London Sport newsletter which is published every 2 weeks and a good source of information. He also recommended clubs visit the Club Matters website which is full of information and support for clubs

Andy thanked Tom and Chris for their presentation and invited further questions from the floor. One concern was the lack of compatibility in IT systems and formats when coaches use tablets for recording attendance etc. This was noted and led to a discussion on data protection which will become even more important after the changes are introduced in April 2018. Clubs need to be aware of the implications of taking and retaining information from this date.

Thanks to all voluntary clubs for their work in delivering sport in the borough. The levels of participation are among the highest which is due in large part to the partnership in the borough but this is not a reason for complacency as there are still a large number of people not involved in sport or physical activity.

The importance of completing the survey was reiterated as with the huge cuts in funding the value of the voluntary section needs to be emphasised.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm


The last open meeting was very informative for clubs at this time of change in the borough. The minutes are now available here sport-richmond-minutes-21-11-16

Please do read through them and use the links and information to support the work of your club.

Open Meeting Minutes

Below is a link to the minutes of the last open meeting and also one to the annotated notes from the Sportivate presentation. These open meetings are held at least twice a year and all voluntary clubs are invited to attend – based on the latest list of clubs and their representatives held by the London Borough of Richmond. If your club did not receive this notification (or the minutes by email) then please let us have your up to date contact details ( and we will make sure your club is added to the list.


AnnotatedSportivate Open 2 Funding Round Document

Minutes14 6 16

Minutes Jan 2016

Minutes of the Sport Richmond Exec meeting held at York House, Tuesday 19th January 2016

Present: Andy Sutch, Colin Sinclair, Nick Barnett, David Rijvers, Frank Perry, Kevin Rice, Trevor Wetherall, Frances Wetherall

Apologies: Ken Chivers, Jimmy Wallace, Kate Goater

  1. Meeting opened at 7pm and with no matters arising from the minutes (apart from those addressed in the agenda)
  2. Short discussion re the website and social media – very little information from clubs being sent in. A link from the Club Matters newsletter will be added each issue and the minutes will be posted and available to all (redaction of athlete names first)

Imperial College Sports Ground – meeting with Sport England, London Sport and the developers set up to establish what facilities will be available. Borough not yet invited. Situation to be monitored by Andy and Colin

Waldegrave – 2nd application in to extend community hours from 18 to 36 and currently ‘decision pending’. Initial approaches were made in 2013 and hopefully a final resolution will be soon.

  1. Accounts – copy attached. All up to date but a grant approved at £250 and to be sent to a xxxxxxxxxxxxx ahead of her participation in World Championships in China. Two other applications need more detailed information before a decision can be made. £4k approved by the borough for 2016/17 and Andy will attend a meeting on Feb 9th re this.
  2. Government Sports Strategy – this is the first such strategy for 15 years so significant. A shift from sport to physical activity. Currently performance sport is good but participation not. Some clubs have commented that it is a good strategy for commercial concerns and larger clubs but not for small clubs. Significant financial implications in the future as governing bodies and local authorities have less money to spend. Some issues when minority sports are funded because of the medal success of a few athletes. Andy to attend a meeting in Feb and a document attached for reference and your comments.
  3. Review of Borough Plan – lengthy debate on different issues raised by the plan. General approval but concerns that it the playing field and facility elements are based on a single review a year ago and also that in some parts it was limited by naming sports when it might be more useful to be more generic. Floodlighting remains an issue but this document brings policy in line with most NGB’s. All borough residents can respond to this first phase of 3. The Government and Sport England are both changing their long term strategies so this is a good time to update. Andy will draft a response. Pools in the Park will revert to borough management in April 2016 on the expiry of the SpringHealth contract. All contracts in Wandsworth in place until 2021 so it is planned to review the situation then. All current on site franchises have been extended for a year to enable a review of the situation. An upgrade/replacement of the fitness suite is planned for the first few weeks of management. Membership of Pools in the Park will then allow members access to other borough run sports centres and vice versa.
  4. No new applications for equipment loans received so a news item to be added to the website publicising the availability of funds up to £500
  5. Facilities matters – Sir Richard Reynolds School have plans to build a new sports hall on existing playing fields. Community use agreement is being sought but issues with VAT causing concerns. VAT reclamation is higher if school use only. In council run facilities VAT not charged on 10 week block bookings or educational courses but is charged on other lettings.

Richmond College – Colin invited to a working party meeting in October but nothing since. Outline planning application has been submitted for the construction of new indoor sports facility on playing fields. Once approved more detailed plans will be commissioned. A programme of needs for the interested clubs (Volleyball, basketball and handball) will be submitted. This site is identified as an area for development but there is some confusion as to the actual designated area involved as one of the maps (appendix 2) appears to include Harlequins.

Sport Richmond endorses the stance from Sport England  that any building on open space will be objected  unless a community use agreement is in place and the facilities are suitable. The argument that the hall(s) will need to be used as an exam area for part of the academic year is not valid as it needs to be an intensive use sports facility to replace the loss of an existing sports hall and playing fields. Sport Richmond will object to the scheme unless the identified needs are met.

Hampton Pool – looking to improve (extend or replace) the existing building to upgrade changing and gym facilities. Land leased from Royal Parks but LBR still involved as it was originally a borough run pool.

Mortlake Brewery – site to include a micro-brewery, existing sports facilities to remain and an option for water sports facility. At this point it was recalled that there was a boat house built near The Wharf restaurant, Teddington. Its current use is unknown and will be investigated.

Royal Parks Kevin noted that they have strong rules regarding what can and cannot be done within their boundaries. E.G. only cricket can be played on their area. The issue of unregulated ‘personal trainers’ and fitness groups using the parks (and council land) was raised

Busen – Colin and Frank reported that £1.1 million raised so far towards what was thought to be a £1.2 million project. Tenders now received put this figure higher and there is a current shortfall of £200k. All avenues of funding have been, or are being sought as some of the grants already in place have time limitations which mean the work must begin soon so a final decision on whether the scheme can progress will be made in the next few weeks.

Christs School – £180k project to which the council contributed £10k is nearing completion. The pitch will be ready for use by Richmond CC this summer and so the final pieces of equipment are being bought to be in place for the start of the cricket season.

Hampton Sport and Fitness Centre – artificial pitch to be replaced by a 3G surface as well as a multi games floodlit area alongside. Funding now in place although it was noted that the RFU had refused the grant application.

The RAA remains committed to redeveloping the Richmond Athletic Ground as the end of its current lease with The Crown Estate comes to an end (Oct 2016), and are now at an advanced stage in finalising agreement with a commercial partner to provide the necessary funding. It is the RAA’s intention to provide state-of-the-art facilities not just for the two rugby clubs that play at the ground, namely Richmond and London Scottish, but also for the wider community through the provision of a Sports Academy, with an indoor sports hall built to Sport England regulations, and two 3G pitches. It is hoped that a planning application will be submitted in the summer (update from Jimmy)

  1. AOB – Rates – 40% rate relief being phased out and reassessed. Frank reported that it was impossible to access the website suggested and difficult to contact the office for support. CASC clubs will continue to receive support as will those with charitable status but this may not include all clubs and smaller clubs may find the financial burden too great.

Hyde’s Field, Oldfield Road. The site is having a 3G pitch installed on land leased from Thames Water. Little was known about this by those at the meeting and it will be investigated to confirm appropriate planning consents have been received.

Richmond CVS – have asked how clubs manage admin, and whether there would be any interesting cooperative working? It was though that there may be some interest from clubs who have a specific project to manage but that the financial implications may not work for many. Join In – the volunteer organisation may be able to provide professional support in a range of areas and this facility may well be useful as a base to which clubs could come for meetings/ consultations.

The next Open Meeting will be held at the end of April, possibly at Marble Hill Gallery as that was a popular venue. One session will be on planning, other items for the agenda could include Join In or VAT support/information.